Monday, May 19, 2008

In My Spanish Hacienda...

Has anyone seen old PiP lately? He took this photo the night The Fabulous Billygoons opened for The Specials at The Bradford Hotel. This shot appeared on the inner sleeve of Rhapsody in Flatulence. I'm not sure if this photo was snapped before or after the bomb scare. We had to fucking evacuate while we were trying to get dressed for the show, or in the case of the Goonettes, UNdressed! I'm still convinced it was just a hoax so some kids could sneak in free. Someone told me later that The Specials were unhappy having to follow us after they saw the pie-fight free-for-all that ended our show. That's about the biggest compliment I've ever gotten. Some time later, Phil actually offered me a copy of one of his photos of me. I requested The Bubble Lady, another shot from that night that showed me blowing bubbles backstage. I never got a copy, but years later Willie Loco ran into Phil in another city and snapped a photo of him wearing a t-shirt with The Bubble Lady printed on the front. So, thanks to WA, I finally got my Bubble Lady.

Here's a song adapted from Los Perros de Amor written by Kip Korea, produced by Brother Cleve and performed by The Fabulous Billygoons.

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Donna Lethal said...

"Bubble Lady" must be found - and that pic of us! Damn.